Traumatic Brain Injury

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The human body is comprised of millions of moving parts, all of which need to be in working order to provide a person with a healthy life. The “control center” for all of these components is the brain, which oversees the entire process of living, thinking and experiencing. However, in terms of medical science, no part of the body remains a greater mystery than the brain.

The effects of traumatic brain injury are profound and varied.  They include:

  • Loss of Memory
  • Loss of Senses
  • Change in Personality
  • Loss of Spatial Reasoning
  • Loss of Balance
  • Loss of the Ability to Speak
  • Loss of Movement in Limbs

Brain injuries are serious matters, and matters this serious require professional help of all types. Many brain injuries are permanent in nature, and too much damage to the brain can lead to either a persistent vegetative state or death. If you or someone you love has suffered this type of injury, you need to contact the Carness Law Firm for an immediate and free initial consultation.

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